"This is gonna sound weird"

podcast logo

Commissioned Graphic Design Work, 2020

Logo designed with Adobe Illustrator.

See below for additional process info.

Taylor Podcast Logo FINAL.png

The problem.

Clients were launching a Podcast that is a hybrid of True Crime and Comedy genre. 


The podcast's target listener audience is mostly female, between age 17-30.

Clients wanted the logo to showcase both the true crime, and the comedy elements of their podcast, in a way that will appeal to the aesthetic of their target audience.

The Design Solution.

This logo balances fun, artistic details, with vintage, classic overtones.


The skeletons and typewriter font bring in touches

of the true crime genre.


The way the skeletons are arranged to be laughing conversationally represents the comedy element of the podcast. 

The vintage look is trendy in the podcast market for the young audience, and the hand-drawn design is unique enough to stand out from competitors and make their podcast noteworthy at a glance.