Statement events logo design

Commissioned Graphic Design Work, 2020

Logo designed with Adobe Illustrator, Business Card Mockup in Adobe Photoshop. 

See below for additional info about process and Statement Events company.

The problem.

Clients were launching an event planning company that will specialize in the niche of Penn State events catered to Penn State alumni.


Events will include reunions, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, etc. Clients want to "bring a touch of Penn State pride into events, while

also maintaining a classy event company"

Clients wanted to incorporate navy blue and white into the design,

in order for it to appeal to their target audience of people

connected to Penn State. At the same time, they wanted to maintain that the logo look sleek, professional,

and mostly typographical.

Clients also requested that the word "state" be emphasized

in some way to show their connection to the institution. 

The Design Solution.

The selected serif font is professional and formal, which will help them to reach their upscale target audience.  The loosely spaced sans-serif font it is paired with adds interest and modernity.

The variation in sizing helps to emphasize the word "state" while maintaining balance in the design.

The line dividing "state" and "ment" helps to add interest

and uniquity, while connecting it with the

word "events" helps the company to appear

accessible and grounded.


"Karah was so easy to work with and delivered a beautiful logo for my business. She captured my vision perfectly and quickly. I would hire her again in a heartbeat for future graphic design needs!"

-Monica Powell, Statement Events


Statement Events

is an event planning company founded by Monica Powell and  Devon Funk. They are currently in the process

of becoming an LLC.

For more information, please contact Monica at