Days for Girls

Rebranding Project

Personal work, 2020

This is a sample rebranding project completed as personal work. Based off of the company Days for Girls, this potential design solution for an informational pamphlet uses text found on the website

Logo designed with Adobe Illustrator, all layouts designed with Adobe InDesign. Final design digitally texture-mapped onto pamphlet phto using Adobe Photoshop. Photo in centerfold credit to Days for Girls, but re-edited in Adobe Photoshop. 

See below for additional process info.

The problem.

A volunteer for the Days for Girls company was looking for to a creative and concise way to share information about the company to increase her church's volunteer involvement.


She was looking for a resource that she could hand out to interested people in the congregation that would contain the relevant information they need to know in a more modern and fresh design style, reflective of that of her church.

She wanted the logo to be inviting, representing the brand's mission well, while keeping it appropriate for the setting of a church congregation. 

The Design Solution.

The logo embodies the company's generous spirit and mission of providing resources for women and girls around the world.

The color palette and fonts present a minimal, feminine and modern design theme. The warm tones ensure that the pamphlet is inviting, while maintaining consistent white space and clean lines to appeal to the largely adult audience.


The product example is shown in a clear, yet minimal way to stay consistent to the design theme.